Video games are good for you

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Based on research studies, video games aren’t harmful for you. As a matter of fact, they can help you direct your life better. If you do not believe it yet, continue reading. This report will explain how playing games in your computer or cellular can help you.
If you would like to train specific regions of your mind, video games can help a lot. Researchers conducted an experiment which involved many men and women who played with”Mario” game for a couple hours. Following the gameplay, an MRI scan of the gamers’ mind was done. The results demonstrated a volumetric brain growth. Another team that didn’t play any sport revealed no such outcomes. This study demonstrates that specific area of your mind can be trained if you play video games.
Patients with mental disorders can utilize this approach for a therapy. As an example, patients with Alzheimer’s, post-traumatic stress and schizophrenia may benefit from this sort of therapy. ‘Starcraft’ Can Enhance Your Cognitive abilities
According to British researchers, some names, like the ones who fall under the category of”Starcraft” can make you smarter. The researchers gave this view after a study which was completed at Queen Mary University of London. This psychological test was conducted on 70 volunteers who played”The Sims” for 2 weeks. The analysis results concluded that the volunteers experienced cognitive boosts.
If you spend two hours weekly playing your favourite brain-teasing games, you can slow down your mental decay due to the natural aging process. This was said according to a study conducted in the University of Iowa.
Whether it is a game such as World of Warcraf or some other title that’s cognitively complex, your mind will get stronger. What happens is that if you play a game that uses your mental energy, your mind gets stronger only your muscles which get stronger when you do exercise. Progress in Your Reading skills
A study was performed at the University of Padua. The researchers found that playing video games can help children with dyslexia enhance their reading skills. The experiment included two groups of children. The children that played an action game revealed accurate and fast reading skills. So, the conclusion is that these games will help can improve the attention span of your kids. Relief from Pain
Video games which highlight virtual reality can help you reduce anxiety and pain, especially the pain brought on by chronic illness or medical procedures. The decrease in the pain can be around 50%, which is sufficient to say that you ought to let your children play with their favorite video games.
Long story short, the traditional understanding that video games are bad for you isn’t valid. So, it’s much better to have a terrific time with your children on a smartphone or PC. Hope you’ll find this article useful.

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